1. For the sin of masturbation, the chastisement is 100 kneeling prayers per day and 80 days of fasting on bread and water only.

2. Apart from all this, I have also sinned with: self-love, self-pleasure, arrogance, vanity, perfectionism, callousness, sodomy. I have read pornographic books, I have seen filthy movies and pictures. I was drunk and I smoke.
Around here the religious side is profound. Americans have the shrink, Romanians have the church.

3. It’s strictly forbidden to carry dead bodies in an ambulance! It should be thoroughly checked.

4. The soul has three parts: a) the rational part, b) the angry part, c) the profiteering part
On the cell’s wall there was a poster stating the worst professions on earth. The priest believed that journalists were guilty for the straying of mankind at the beginning of the XXIth century.

5.The main use of regular confession is that the sin will not root itself in us therefore Satan’s nest will rot away from the soul.

6. Romanian Folk Poem.

7. Nun: We don’t know what to do with her. We tied her to the bed. She’s more and more violent. She won’t eat anything. We don’t know how long she’ll resist.
Nurse: You’re in a convent, read some prayers to her.

8. Orthodox tradition acknowledges the thaumaturges - the miracle makers, but not the exorcists - the demon hunters.